2017 Race Wrap Up


Race results are here. Congratulations to Coleen McCarthy and Kyle Ashe for winning their gender binary divisions and setting the course records! We had 245 runners/walkers. 

Your Contribution to the Women's Center

Race proceeds/profits donated to the Women's Center of Wake County totaled $3700. In addition, participants donated a full station wagon  and a half of needed items to the women served by the Women's Center.  Thank you to all those who donated! And special thanks to the amazing group of volunteers who kept the race running smoothly.

Next Year

Next year's Feminist 5k is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2018. If you are interested in helping organize and grow the event, please email feminist5k@gmail.com


There are a few pictures below that folks were kind enough to share. If you took pictures that you'd be willing to have posted, please email them to feminist5k@gmail.com. (Mental note for next year: assign a photographer.) 

Why a Feminist 5k?

At its best, feminism is about equal dignity and respect - the simple idea that women are people and no person is less than any other. The current wave of progressive activism, including the Women's Marches that took over cities all over the world, is a continuation of the fight for equal dignity for all, and an affirmation that if you show up to participate in something larger than yourself, you belong - and that our visibility matters. 

If you've ever been to a 5k or any road race, you have seen support and inclusion in action. Even when you are at the back of the pack (speaking from experience here), everyone wants you to succeed and they cheer you on. If you show up to participate, you belong. 

Come run/walk/roll with us.

Proceeds Benefit the Women's Center of Wake County

"The Women’s Center of Wake County, Inc. is a multi-services resource center that addresses the challenging issues of poverty and homelessness for single women and women with families. Through the provision of basic needs services, engagement with and assessment of clients, and housing placement and support services, the Women's Center provides the bridge between despair and hope for women and families."

"When someone tells me I can't do anything, I'm just not listening anymore." 

- Florence Griffith Joyner

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Amy & Damon Circosta

Linda Stephens

Betsy Martin

Kathy McDowell

Carolyn McKaughn 

Kelly Conner

Melissa K. Walker

Deanna Mitchell, Norwex Consultant


Irregardless Café

Mellow Mushroom (Peace Street)

Quail Ridge Books

Fiction Kitchen

Balega International

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